Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good morning, everyone! The Office of the President Chorale is very pleased to host today’s Flag Raising Ceremony, as we face the day with much hope and optimism for our President’s State of the Nation Address later in the afternoon.

To start off, please join the OP Chorale with our dear musical director, Prof. Ronald Bello, as we sing the National Anthem, to be followed by the Oath to the Philippine Flag, to be led by Mr. Ervin Valenzuela, and to be followed by the Doxology.

And to give us some updates on what’s new, or shall I say, who’s new in our group, may we call on Dir. Marianito Dimaandal, Head of the MRO, and at the same time, the Overall Coordinator of the OP Chorale.

Thank you, Dir. Dimaandal. And before we proceed to the singing of “Bayan Ko,” which is a parallel song to the usual “Pilipinas Kong Mahal,” we also prepared a special number, entitled, “Seasons of Love,” a song from the Broadway musical Rent, written and composed by Jonathan Larson. This song asks us “How do we measure a year?” Some of you may say, by daylights, sunsets, and midnights. Some may say, by inches, miles, and cups of coffee. Others may say, by laughter and strife. But in the end, we’ll realize that the only proper measure of a year in our lives is LOVE.

That’s all for today’s flag raising ceremony and we hope you enjoyed it. May you have a great week ahead and God bless us all.

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